Worried About Back Pain?

We Offer A New Solution For Back Pain That Is Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive And Clinically Proven!

“At the Dublin Back Pain Institute we offer a new and innovative approach for back pain sufferers. Our approach is functional, it addresses and reverses the underlying causes of back pain, thus creating long lasting relief without the need of surgeries, injections, pills, or time away from work.”

– Dr. Jon Widenbaum, Back Pain Specialist


Hello! My name is Dr. Jon Widenbaum. If you are here reading this then you probably are suffering with back pain, sciatica, or a herniated disc. You probably have tried back pain treatments that failed and would just like a simple and straight forward answer to why you have back pain and hopefully a solution.

You Are Not Alone

This year 1 in 5 Americans will suffer with lower back pain. That is a lot of people with back pain!

I used to ask myself how it is possible to have so many people with back pain during a time of technological advancement; a time where our knowledge base is expanding exponentially every year.

Why Has The Solution To Back Pain Eluded Us?

  1. Traditional back pain treatments do not focus on the true source of back pain.
  2. Until recently a procedure that could effectively treat the cause of back pain did not exist.

I have written a special report called, “The Hidden Cause Of Back Pain,” that explains the most common and overlooked cause of back pain. I also reveal how a new non-surgical approach can directly fix this underlying cause of back pain and provide lasting relief without pills, injections, or time away from work.

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